Thursday, 11 June 2009

By popular demand...

The thing that should (not) be.

This thing,
or so they thought, it saw and end to that
It spread it wide and spread it far,
It spread it free, unlike before
It spread it for the world to see
No embarrassment, for you or me
No judging eyes, no overcoats,
Just the warm glow of the screen, the crackle of the speakers
It lies so close, we needn’t scare
It even lies here everywhere
It lies at work, it lies a school, it encompasses all,
this series of tubes,
This series of tubes, thank you Al Gore, not a tool that he intended
Not full of useful facts
Just full of this,
This seething mass, so big it’s hard to understand
It draws you in, you can’t come out
Huge like xbox, so they say
The people that on this thing prey
But what does he mean? I hear the cry,
Well hear me thus, as mortal I
cannot realise the vastness of it,
The four letter word of which I ramble,
p-o-r-n, there’s to much of it

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