Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rebel! Well, if you want to...

Make what you will of this one

So once again I find
Myself lying here,
Cursing in self loathing
Not even words I hear

Rhyming in this pattern
Really is for chumps
I’ve done it once, no I’m bored
Of these fracking bumps

Though they’re not that bad
Quietly easy to rhyme
Except that one word
Ah shit, uh…. Thyme

Now I leave you here
Pondering my next move
Four line stanzas
No more, see
I break out of your pattern
Break out of your form
You expect me to adhere?
Well I’m a poet now

I don’t have to conform
Although it sometimes seems
Better when I rhyme, oh well, at least in this one
I’m not quoting memes

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