Thursday, 3 September 2009

Benevolent Rain

A Benevolent Rain

You’ll fine me outside
In the rain
Won’t you join me?
It washes it all away

A soothing sensation,
A calming cold
Worries float away
Leaving hopes all exposed, and bold

Blissful Ignorance, you seem invincible
Atop the world, all alone
(You are your own god now)
For once you can seem elated, content

Others cower and seek protection
From the cool refreshing drops
Ignorance and cowardice
Nirvana they ignore

Without plan, no intention
Running through the maze
Different sights, different smells
A whole new world under this benevolent reign

So when you want me
Come find me
I’ll be running blissfully through the rain

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's all a Joke. And I'm the only one who's laughing.

Killer Joke

Why do I sit here?
My fantasy
A world so broken it cracks me up
Lost beyond redemption
Virtue nought but a joke

Escapism for me now is my release
My one exit, the others are barred
The lock’s stuck and the key snapped
I stand here shattered and stunned
Until the flight wings me away again

I fly through stars and skies, through nirvana untouchable
And the laughter swallows me again

Ecstasy is stolen
Relief to brief
Agony is our life
And pain is our existence

And I moan, me
And I am lucky
My life is not a series of droughts and rapes
And yet I moan

Judge me, you who read this,
But then judge yourself upon these same scales
Take a look around you, see beyond the veil
Laugh, cry, weep, die
It’s a killer joke

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Beautiful, it seems, for me.
Longing afar cowardice implicit, maybe
Maybe nervousness, inexperience, lack of guidance
At least desired guidance,

Perhaps will read, come across discover, and,
I hope at least
Revel, or at least accept, as I pen this now,
Thoughts unchained and eyelids heavy

I hope I pray, I fear almost
Outcome of an unguided run, a leap
Into the unknown, and it scares me
It terrifies me.

And thrills me, tickles me yet,
Though my heart lies open, vulnerable,
Now strike it or heal it. It lies for you
And your answer.

Alien worlds

Alien worlds

Thick, heavy hanging air,
Breathing it recycled, used up,
And yet pleasurable, warm, comfortable, contrasts to biting chill
Winter seems so alien.

Hot sticking and baking
Heat burning down, charring, blitzing, drying
We long for cold, for cool, for wind and yet not for rain
Summer seems so alien

Constant rain, so it seems
Indecisive clouds
Flicking betwixt the charred and frozen
Spring seems so alien.

Brown leaves pretty, at least you thought,
Until they start to rot.
Slides to winter slowly and coldly
Autumn seems so alien

The changing breezes, the fickle desires
A world I cannot control
The lights go down when I want them up
Outside seems so alien

Stuffed up chair, full of foam
Electricity flowing in.
Heating, water, amenities
Here I am at home.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

By popular demand...

The thing that should (not) be.

This thing,
or so they thought, it saw and end to that
It spread it wide and spread it far,
It spread it free, unlike before
It spread it for the world to see
No embarrassment, for you or me
No judging eyes, no overcoats,
Just the warm glow of the screen, the crackle of the speakers
It lies so close, we needn’t scare
It even lies here everywhere
It lies at work, it lies a school, it encompasses all,
this series of tubes,
This series of tubes, thank you Al Gore, not a tool that he intended
Not full of useful facts
Just full of this,
This seething mass, so big it’s hard to understand
It draws you in, you can’t come out
Huge like xbox, so they say
The people that on this thing prey
But what does he mean? I hear the cry,
Well hear me thus, as mortal I
cannot realise the vastness of it,
The four letter word of which I ramble,
p-o-r-n, there’s to much of it

Rebel! Well, if you want to...

Make what you will of this one

So once again I find
Myself lying here,
Cursing in self loathing
Not even words I hear

Rhyming in this pattern
Really is for chumps
I’ve done it once, no I’m bored
Of these fracking bumps

Though they’re not that bad
Quietly easy to rhyme
Except that one word
Ah shit, uh…. Thyme

Now I leave you here
Pondering my next move
Four line stanzas
No more, see
I break out of your pattern
Break out of your form
You expect me to adhere?
Well I’m a poet now

I don’t have to conform
Although it sometimes seems
Better when I rhyme, oh well, at least in this one
I’m not quoting memes


Lookie, I'm trying to be funny.


Why is it that I find
Myself upon this stone?
The desert lies before me
Cooking to the bone

The blinding white
Scorching heat
Scarring me;
Little piece of meat

That’s all they seem to think of
Vultures up above
No care, compassion lies within their hearts
No tiny chink of love

While I’m wondering why I’m here
All I say is ‘Crap!’
Cursing myself and his idiocy, damn
I really should have used the Wii Strap