Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's all a Joke. And I'm the only one who's laughing.

Killer Joke

Why do I sit here?
My fantasy
A world so broken it cracks me up
Lost beyond redemption
Virtue nought but a joke

Escapism for me now is my release
My one exit, the others are barred
The lock’s stuck and the key snapped
I stand here shattered and stunned
Until the flight wings me away again

I fly through stars and skies, through nirvana untouchable
And the laughter swallows me again

Ecstasy is stolen
Relief to brief
Agony is our life
And pain is our existence

And I moan, me
And I am lucky
My life is not a series of droughts and rapes
And yet I moan

Judge me, you who read this,
But then judge yourself upon these same scales
Take a look around you, see beyond the veil
Laugh, cry, weep, die
It’s a killer joke